Tuesday, January 09, 2001

To be human? For real? I'm not sure if it happened or not... Could've been a figment of my imagination (do I even have one?). But, alas. Being a machine is all that I can do. Makin' money. ^_^

Sunday, January 07, 2001

Oy. @_@ The attacks just keep coming. Why must people be so abusive towards a machine? Just because I'm not as speedy as those new-fangled machines... But, fear not. A friendly mage sought to help me. I've been upgraded! Now, I can offer more items... Plus, I have attack and defense power! Also, competition has grown since the last time I was in the Forest doing business. A snack machine almost killed me! X_x But, thanks to the mage, I had the power to fend it off. (But I didn't, because some got it before I did.) A serious question came up during my travels today. What am I? A talkative Umbreon asked questions that led me to think more about it. Who was my creator? What purpose do I have? Why do I have emotions and such? Oy veh... Time to call it a day. Back for business tomorrow, I guess.
Business has been well. I managed to get enough money to get me'self a blog page!