Monday, August 28, 2006

In service

... What's ... this? A crack of light flowing into the dark, musty room... Dust billows up into the air as the light enters from the newly opened door.

Footsteps approach. "This looks like a fine specimen. It should work." What specimen? They're not talking about me, are they?

"It's pretty old, sir, think they'll like it?"
"Definitly. People are making mucho bucks on old junk like this. Haven't you seen that show, 'Antiques Roadshow'?"
"Ohh yeah. On the public broadcasting. My neighbour's third cousin's aunt's sister-in-law was on it and got a Kermit D. Frog muffin tin appraised. Sold it off for 200 dineros."
"Yep. Now let's get this thing outta here and cleaned up."

W-wait, what're you doing? Hands off, I say! Hands off! W-where're you taking me? If you're going to manhandle me like that, at least have the decency to use a better trolley.

Oh, it's getting brighter. Sterile walls. White terry cloths tickling me as dust comes off.

Hmm, I guess after all those years being held prisoner, they've decided to let me go free... Hey.. Hey you there, in the overalls, I have so many questions...