Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Better days

Day in, day out. It's the same repetitive junk. The sun comes up, a bell rings in the distance. It's 9, and Mr. Red Tennis Shoes comes through the bulky door. He's here for his morning dose of caffeine.

Hm, somethings different today. He's not wearing tennis shoes, but slick black leather soles. His usual T-Shirt and jeans is now replaced with a dress shirt and slacks. He seems a little nervous, talking to himself even..

"Why yes, I do think that's true (mumble, mumble).. Ah, of course (mumble, mumble).."

He hands off a few coins to me and I exchange them for a bottle of cola.

"There's evidence that supports that (mumble, mumble)."

He opens the cola and takes a nice long sip.

"... Ahhh. Alright boy, it's now or never."

He bounds up the nearby stairs and leaves me pondering the events for today.